31 January 2009

Flying High

I was out at the PAD (Patient Administration and Disposition) today for a couple of CSH runs (Blackhawk Helicopters delivering patients to our hospital). Click here for an article about the PAD volunteers and what they do here.

There are a lot more pictures and a cool video on my flickr.


I changed the sheets on my bed and made it all nice and neat. So now I'll show you the inside of my hooch (well, my half).

I'm still in search of some good chocolate. And I need to find it before Feb 14th. The Women's Clinic is 'sponsoring' my presentation called "For the Love of Chocolate".


Internet is down at work - so I'm getting behind on some emails and other online activities. Maybe tomorrow I'll get caught up. I get to sleep in (no alarm) as long as I'm in the hospital by 8a for rounds. Then back at noon to go to lunch with the Iraqi physicians. Plan to swim after lunch, then come back to the compound for R&R and watching DVDs. And get caught up on DMI (DunderMifflinInfinity).


  1. Can I mail you some? I'd be glad to!!

  2. I just watched the slideshow for your remodel project. OMG, that's amazing! Great photos and I absolutely love all your colors. I bet you miss it! Cool slot machine, too!

  3. I have some Hershey Dark (60%) I bought at the BX last week that I'm going to use during my presentation for Valentine's Day.

    The remodel kept me busy while konashark was in Afghanistan (it was something I was going to do when he was in Greenland, but never got started). He still has some outside work to do (he said he'll start next month).

    Did you recognize the slot machine from my Ethic's Video?