15 September 2009

Enjoyed the Fall with a Hike at Mt Charleston

Our friend Jill, Ray & Me at the start of the hike.

More pictures are on Ray's Flickr and mine.

Fall TV Schedule

While in Balad I missed out on the Spring TV season. Fortunately I have some great friends who recorded many of my favorite shows and sent them to me so I could get caught up. Then I found the rest on Hulu.com or the network sites.

So I thought seeing the fall TV season schedule would be exciting. New shows! New season of my favorites. What is going to be appointment TV?

Looking pretty bleak on the regular networks. Leaves room for the cable stations for sure (and fortunately our DVR can do two shows at the same time when we need it).

06 September 2009

Nutrition Tool Box for the Deployed Dietitian

This past week I was at Fort Sam Houston (San Antonio, TX) attending a postgraduate course given by the Army for deploying dietitians. Over the three days we talked about sports nutrition, burns, trauma, critical care, humanitarian aide, and detainee nutrition care. For me it was a mix of validation of information I had figured out on my own (or with a few emails back and forth with one of the Army dietitians in Iraq), and some new information that I wish I had known before my deployment.

I hope I have the opportunity to share the knowledge from this program with other dietitians before they deploy. And with civilian dietitians working in trauma and burn units. The sports nutrition (we consider military folks to be athletes) will also come in handy in civilian private practice.

One of the other great things about this past week was meeting up with the Air Force dietitians in attendence - and that I actually knew them (since I haven't been around conferences or USAF dietitian symposiums I can't put faces to names when I look at the roster, because I just haven't had the opportunity to meet many folks in our career field). But I knew everyone else there. Some from working at Nellis AFB and some from Travis AFB.