30 January 2009

It's Starting to Hit Me

I'm away from home, friends and family for 6 months.

I had a lonely moment this evening.

For the most part I've been used to entertaining myself - tv, internet, reading. Sometimes walking or jogging. So I can probably handle this. I've never really been much of a social butterfly anyway.

But tonight it really hit me. I miss my best friend.

When he was deployed our schedules meshed. We had almost daily chats online. And sometimes we could watch a sports program at the same time (NASCAR) since it was being broadcast live (and the Olympics). This time it's different. I'm working days, that is when he is sleeping. When I get off work he's already gone into work. He had 8 hr days, I have 12+. Maybe next month we'll be able to connect more (if he goes on swing shift).

I need chocolate.


  1. Holly -
    I love your blog and log on every morning -- keep it up -- how hot is it -- here in Chicago, it is about 10 degrees -- this is a very cold, snowy winter -- last winter it was snowy, but not as cold -- we should trade for about 1 day!
    Aunt Barb

  2. Hey, Holly! Read all of your blog entries. Looking for more.

    Sounds like you don't have it too rough over there. You're on a six month deployment? Where is home base? Anxious to hear back from you and get caught up on all that's happened to you since we saw each other last . . . 20 years ago?


  3. So tell us about the chocolate there. By the way, glad I found out about you...Melinda told me while we were out in Salt Lake. In a way, I wish I could do what you are able to do...just go! Hey, I wish you the best...I'll keep on reading 'cause I know you have something to say. Ciao for now...

  4. Barb: It's been in the low 40s at night (but not too chilly before midnight), and very comfortable during the day (sometimes even too warm if I've been walking outside in my uniform).

    Lyle: Home is in Las Vegas. Check out my flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/konamouse) for more of my life history the past few years.

    VegasRD: Nothing good for chocolate, just shipped in US stuff in the BX (or care packages from home). Who is this?