18 January 2009

Sunday ("in the Park") on the Base

Tried to sleep in (hid my alarm clock under the covers of the top bunk) but still couldn't stay asleep past 7:30a. I know we really have it way too easy over here (despite the "camping" atmosphere). See below:

Got the last mocha in the coffee shop before the power was cut (working on the generator). Spent the morning in the Rec Ctr and watched a DVD when the wifi went out for an hour.

Found the DFAC (Dining Facility closest to the housing area where I live) and had a reasonably nice meal (baked trout/rice, salad, some sort of chocolate cheese/cookie cake).

I walked to the the base theatre, found the outdoor pool and the stadium (this is where Saddam had the training facilities for the Iraqi Olympic Team). Didn't find the indoor pool yet.

Also went to the BX and the surrounding area. Found the Burger King, Cinnabon and Pizza Hut (so glad they are far enough away to limit the temptation). Walked through the Bazaar - once was enough, nothing there caught my eye for souvenirs.

We have a Beauty Shop. $11 for mani/pedi. I think I know my Sunday indulgance, worth the walk (and will include a piece of pizza). But not today (since I already had breakfast). I ended up getting a set of headphones that help blunt the Rec Ctr noise (but they are not totally silent), and they have a microphone if we decide to try Skype or other voice chat.


  1. Okay, you had better get used to me pumping you for information because my writer's mind is curious as hell.

    Who runs all these fast food joints? Does it feel like you are at home because they import teenagers with bad attitudes to serve you Whoppers? And do they have kids meals or any sort of toys at all?

  2. Camp sounds fun except the noise!

  3. The employees are Third Party Nationals, they are contracted by some companies to provide services on the base. In our hospital are folks from India and Bangladesh. Next month they are changing out for folks from Turkey. The beauty shop is mostly women (and *cough* men) from Philipines. I have no idea about the kids meals (I'll try to remember to check next time I go over there).