09 January 2009

Flight Cancelled!

The rumor started circulating around the main terminal. We made our way back to find that our flight was cancelled and the airline was putting us up for the night. We were sent to a couple of hotels about 15 minutes away. Washing stuff in the sink. Grabbed a sandwich, some chocolate, and a stick of deoderant at the Gas 'n Go across the street. Fortunately I already had my toothbrush in my backpack.

Internet is spotty (the front desk thinks we're all overloading the system). I'm not going to bother with pictures.

Good news: They have Sci Fi so I'll get to see the series finale of Stargate Atlantis.

We try again tomorrow morning. I suppose this could be worse (there are some folks here since last Saturday). And most all of us will be in the same situation tomorrow - dirty shirts (eeewwwww).


  1. Yay, Im Excited for Stargate, Im sad it is Ending, but at least they will still make movies like SG1

    Hope you are doing well

  2. Loved the CSI:SGA episode the preceded the finale. Some funny lines.

    Nice that they acknowledged the death of the actor who played Gen Hammond.