27 October 2011

Vegas Fit Wars - Results

New Event 1: Ammo Carry/Wheelbarrel/Thrusters/Burpees: 17:45 (15th out of 22). Time cap was 20 min. This was fun!

Pullup Event #2 Changed to 6 min to find 1RM then 90sec max rep 53# Kettlebell Snatch: 45# (huge PR)!!!! Done as a chin-up with a little kipping for momentum. Unfortunately I was unable to do even 1 accepted Kettlebell Snatch so no extra lbs. Result 12th out of 22.

Overall 13th place for the day! Not bad for my first competition (and the oldest person out there).

12 October 2011

Vegas Fit Wars - Here I Come!

Event #1

For time:

While wearing a flak jacket and ballistic helmet, carry a rubber rifle replica and 2 ammo cans weighing 30lbs across the field.
Perform 20 dumbell thrusters and 20 burpees.
Load a wheelbarrow with the two ammo cans, dumbells, and rifle and run it across the field.
Perform 20 dumbell thrusters and 20 burpees.
Reload the wheelbarrow and run it back across the field.
Unload the wheelbarrow and carry the ammo cans and rifle replica back to the original start point.
Take off the flak jacket and ballistic helmet for one final sprint down and back on the field.

The dumbell weight is 35lbs for the men and 25lbs for the women. The wheelbarrow will be loaded with a 45lbs plate for men and a 25lbs plate for women.

The differential will be wearing this flak jacket (it's a bit constricting for breathing and movement). Not worried about running or pushing the wheelbarrow (kinda seems like fun).

Event #2
Weighted Pull-Up Ladder

Every minute, on the minute for 8 minutes, athletes will perform one weighted pull-up. Men will start at 20lbs and increase by 20lbs every minute. Women will start at 5lbs and increase 5lbs every minute. The chin must break the vertical plane of the pull-up bar.

Any grip will be permitted. Kipping is allowed. Chalk and tape are allowed. No assistance straps are allowed.

If an athlete makes it all the way through the ladder, they will perform max reps at the heaviest load in the final minute to further distinguish from a tie.

I like this structure. I do better with "warm-up". My previous 1RM for strict is 12.5# so my goal will be 15 or 20# (not sure how kipping or mixed grip will affect my ability for this movement).

Event #3
Only the top ten men and top ten women will perform this event!
(More details on this event will be released on Saturday)

With a 12 minute time cap:
30 Overhead Squats - 95lbs/65lbs
30 Double Unders
50m Barbell Carry - 115lbs/75lbs
20 Overhead Squats - 115lbs/75lbs
20 Box Jumps - 24"/20"
50m Barbell Carry - 135lbs/95lbs
10 Overhead Squats - 135lbs/95lbs
10 Burpee Box Jumps - 30"/24"
150m Barbell Carry - 135lbs/95lbs

Max reps in the remaining time of "Ground-to-Overhead" - 135lbs/95lbs.

Your score is however many reps you perform of the "Ground-to-Overhead."

My goal is to get into the top 10 cause this looks like FUN (I like OH squats and I like DU). The 24" Burpee Box Jumps will be tough but I've been doing 24" for a month now. G-t-O 95# will be tough for me (the younger gals will be doing snatch, I'll be doing clean & jerk).

10 October 2011

Vegas Fit Wars

I signed up for my first Crossfit competition, the Las Vegas Fit Wars this Saturday, Oct 15th.

Very excited! Just wish I didn't have a sprained forearm tendon (have less than a week for it to heal).

20 August 2011

Fight Gone Bad 6

We're doing this again.

This year supports The Special Operations Warrior Foundation and The CrossFit Foundation

As you all know, I discovered CrossFit when I was deployed to Balad, Iraq taking care of our wounded in the Air Force Theater Hospital (AFTH). The dedication of our medical team & the courage, strength and resolve of our military inspire me daily. They are the men & women who push me to be a better person and a better airman.

FGB is one of my favorite benchmarks. This year CrossFit Las Vegas, Crossfit 702, Crossfit MaxEffort and Garage Gym 702 are joining forces on Saturday Sept 17th outside Whole Foods Market at Town Square (Las Vegas Blvd near Sunset). We're starting at 9a and would love friends/family to cheer us on in support.

Please check out my fundraising page HERE.

13 March 2011


Snoozing with blue sky & sunny,
Fresh fish and fruit, how yummy.
Whales & turtles & dolphins, OH MY!

Some drinking, some eating, some sleeping.
Some golfing, some jogging, some Crossfit,
Volcanoes & lava & steam, OH MY!

Dinner at La Bourgogne

Baked Brie & green apples (appetizer) with the fish special for entree. Dessert is the Grand Marnier Chocolate Souffle.

CrossFit in Hawaii 1) CrossFit Ali'i, 2) CrossFit Big Island (Hilo), 3) CrossFit Kona

14 February 2011

Tendonitis Sucks!

Deltoid tendon from left shoulder, where it inserts into the humerous, has been sore for months now. If my arm is less than straight up or in front of me, it pulls on the tendon, and hurts. I've compensated with over using my triceps when doing over head lifting & pushups. This is changing how I do many of my O-lifts, limiting my progress in strength (gone backwards in OH squats, snatch and all my press lifts).

Thinking seriously about skipping the gym & just jogging for the rest of the month. This is a difficult decision because I have been thriving on my gym time. And I cannot jog when it's dark outside (if I am stuck at work past 4p). Then what happens if it's still not feeling good?

03 January 2011

Goals for 2011

1. Drink more water & less diet soda (I know goals should be quantified but I haven't figured this one out yet).

2. Continue my adventure in fitness; increase my jogging (includes mapping out a 5 mile, 6 mile and up to a 10 mile course to our favorite sports bar).
3. Do a marathon.

4. No fried potatoes (just not enough nutrition to be worth the calories).

5. Finish ACSC (military professional education), RSVP (readiness skills), and get our nutritional medicine flight all caught up on their training.

6. Fix up the backyard (fake turf, lights, fire pit, BBQ, new hot tub).

7. New washer/dryer & refrigerator (they are 10-15 years old!).

8. Clean out & organize the "office"; get plaques and pictures hung up on the walls.

9. CrossFit goals for 2011:
Sub 8 min "Fran"
"Cindy" Rx 15+
"Murph" Rx in under 45 min
a real Muscle-up