12 January 2009

Some Pictures Around AUAB (Al Udeid, Qatar)

Transient Tents
Cadillacs (Showers/Toilets)

Dining Hall
First Meal

Coalition Plaza
(socializing, wifi, stage)
Coffee Shop
(best wifi spot in the morning)

Yes, there is Fast Food
Lots of Free Water

Wifi in the Morning
Champagne in the Evening


  1. The champagne is a nice touch. Was it even moderately drinkable?

  2. Okay, everytime I see the word "Qatar" I can't help but think of the opening scene from "Transformers".

    So just do me a favor and be careful should an enemy alien robot land in the middle of the base. And by favor I mean run like hell.

  3. Yes, the champagne was drinkable - it wasn't Tats or Schrams, but it was dry enough for my taste. Chardonnay grapes.

    I have to rewatch that movie now. All I haven't seen any robots, just a lot of folks in uniforms and PT gear (Physical Training).

  4. Holly, I occasionally view blurbs on Al-Udeid bae, Qatar because my grandson was deployed there, CPO 3,
    Navy, on the P-3 surveillance planes starting summer, 2008 for about five months before deploying to Japan. He is now "out" and living back in CO. I thought I would comment to you that the weather at Balad will change dramatically, for the worse, for summer so you might start getting anti-heat and sun protection stuff before that season starts. My grandson was ill for days when he first started sitting in the rear of the plane in high heat after he arrived there... the temps really rose prior to long takeout times.
    I wish you well. Dolores in SW Florida

  5. Thanks Dolores (and please tell your son I say "thank you for your service". We're enjoying some mild winter weather. I expect the rain soon (and that will mean thick mud). I know about the upcoming heat. Already plan to ship all my cold weather stuff home around April. And change my workouts/showers to night time. Fortunately, I am suppose to go home before the end of July. So the trip home might be uncomfortably warm (heavy vest & helmet over the ABUs will not be fun - but it's going home, so who cares). There's a nice pool at Qatar if I'm stuck there for more than a day.