12 January 2009

Early Start Today

Met for our briefing at 9:30p and got the word - we have a 2p call time for our flight to Balad. The bad news? We have to pickup our gear at *4 am*!!!!

And with all the changes and running around, it's after 12mid when I get to bed. So another short sleep. How many more days can I function with so little sleep? Man, I'm so gonna crash soon. One of the PA (Physician Assistants slept 17 hours after we got here).

So today we got our chem gear & vest side plates - that bag is HEAVY. We also got our helmet, vest & First Aid kit - which we wear on the plane. Put it all together and I think I'm lugging around 100 lbs.

Oh, I just found out there are no bathrooms on a C-17. So no drinking for me after noon. Fun times. Hope to get some pictures from inside the plane.

Thanks to everyone reading this. I love seeing the comments!


  1. I'm following your blog & wishing you the best!

    Annie from DMI

  2. Yikes, no bathrooms and up at 4 am. I hope the flight isn't delayed and you get to your destination and can SLEEEP. Great job with the blog, I'm really enjoying the blog!

  3. The good news: There was a bathroom on the C-17. But I didn't need it. The bad news: I was starting to nap when a guy in the middle seat needed to go. So we all had to get up. I got some pictures inside the plane and will try to upload them to flickr tonight.