07 June 2012

Not MIA....

Long story short:
1. Did the Crossfit Open, got 219th place in the world for Women age 45-49.
2. Hip pain started off & on back in January after the Operational Readiness Exercise (ORE). Something about sitting in a chair all night (12+ hours) in chem gear & IBA. Turned into piriformis syndrome (my glute muscle smashed into my sciatic). Eventually got some sarapin shots in my butt that reduced the inflammation (and another shot in my right bursa at the top of the right thigh I-band). Helped but not cured. Worked out for one week but the recurrent numbness/pins & needled, along with upper sartorious pain led me back to the doctor & eventually an evaluation by a Sports Medicine doctor. Now waiting on CT results (L4-L5 evaluation for a defect that could be a fracture, could be a disk malalignment, who knows).
3. Bottom line, physical training limited. Losing strength, endurance, stamina, etc. Sucks!!
4. Good news/bad news from the Operational Readiness Inspection (March 2012). First the good. Our unit (301 MDS) got an "OUTSTANDING" for their incredible work at the DMF (Deployed Medical Facility). Smooth operation, great teamwork, and killer security. I was working in the Command Post (on the night shift with the Deputy Wing Commander) as the CAT (Crisis Action Team) Director and we also did a great job. The big boss recognized me as a Superior Performer. Now the bad news. Some folks have to do this again in the fall in order for our Wing to pass. So we have ORE in Oct & Nov, ORI in Nov. Hopefully I won't have to be in MOPP4 (that's full on gas mask, etc).
5. We have season tickets to The Smith Center for their 2012-2013 Broadway season.
6. Working on my poker skills. Need to do more tournaments and less 2-4 Limit (but it's fun trying to get high hands/bonus jackpots).