08 January 2009

The Start of the Deployment

0430 - Wake up 1 minute before the alarm. Last time to check the suitcase before locking them up.

0530 - get to the airport and check in.

0800 - high fat breakfast, soy/nonfat mocha, and I'm ready to fly.

The 1-stop flight without changing planes turned into a stop, get off the plane, get on another aircraft kind of flight. So I can say I was in Dallas-Forth Worth.

1630 - Finally in St. Louis. But 1 night may turn into 2 or 3. Just the way things work - hurry up and wait. Bring stuff to do and extra clothing (or be greatful that the hotel has a laundry). And be doubly happy they booked you into a little suite!

With free wifi internet!

Your stay here also includes a Happy Hour (3 drink maximum) with snacks (my dinner last night) and a breakfast buffet (not as good as GVR, but free).

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