09 January 2009

Waiting for the Plane

It's a cloudy, chilly morning in St Louis. The hotel room was like a dorm. Folks talking in the hallway (pretty thin walls), doors slamming (very loud at 5:30a), and I heard they ran out of hot water this morning when everyone tried to take a shower (I was smart, took a nice hot bath last night).

Maybe we will be leaving today afterall?

Edit: Yay! The plane has arrived, the bags and food and fuel are being loaded, and the seats up front are by rank. There are 6 Lt Cols and so I have a small chance at First Class, but at least I should get Business Class (sweet!). It means I get on the plane before the "crowd" and hopefully get a window (easier for napping, sucks for potty breaks).


  1. Wow - you were so close. I'm in Kansas City! Have a good flight - get sleep!

  2. Wish I had known....we're going to meet in person some day, I just know it.