17 January 2009


I can't find any place quiet.

Outside there are the planes. Now, that is part of being on an air base, the various planes taking off and landing. I understand that. It's the constant barrage of sound that is hitting me to the core.

We have generators and heaters/fans outside the big buildings in the housing area (the rec center and the gym, for example). There are smaller generators near the cadillacs (the shower & toilet trailers). In the rec center there are two tvs at opposite corners on the AFN (Armed Forces Network) Sports channel, and in a third corner movies will be playing - sometimes that volume gets turned up. On one side are a bank of PS3 and most folks aren't using headphones. Last night the DJ started playing music - nice that it wasn't hard rap or headbanging rock, but it upped the sound factor (and drowned out the ping pong).

In my room is a heater/ac unit. Always on (or it will get too cold at night right now). There might be a week or two in the spring when we can turn it off but I think by then I'll be so used to it that I would not be able to sleep without the sound.

I haven't tried going into the library trailer yet - that might offer some silence. I wonder how this will change my hearing (I can't remember the last time I had it tested but the military might have records).

I'm going to the BX (Base Exchange) today. Maybe there are some noise cancelling headphones I can use to watch my DVDs in the rec center (or just wear when online to give me some quiet).


  1. um... well, you are in a "war zone". Just be happy the place isn't called "Mortaritaville" anymore.

    OIF 05-06

  2. I'm very happy about that! Extremely happy. As far as anything goes in this - we have it much easier than previous deployments to the area, and much safer than being in Bagram. I have lots of respect for those who have gone before me, and those in Afghanistan. I salute each and every one of the military members who have served and are serving now. And I thank you.