30 November 2010

27 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Jogged to the Boulevard Bar & Grille for lunch (my route is 4.5 miles there, about 4 miles back).
Great meal (I think the sweet potatoes were my favorite).

Nice conversation with Dee. Fed the video poker machine a little too much (but it was money won the night before at the M Resort Poker Tournament). Nice relaxing day (albeit a little wind chill). No mess, no leftovers (wait, that might be a bad thing).

21 November 2010

I am a CrossFit Woman

Posted on CrossFit Serious Fitness (Friday, July 30, 2010)

I am a CrossFit Woman.
I do not wear makeup to the gym. I wear chalk.
I do not get manicures. I scrub the calluses off my hands.
I do not glisten or smile while I’m working out. I sweat, grunt, and curse.
I am a CrossFit Woman.
I am as proud of my muscles as I am my scars.
They are evidence of my hard work and dedication.
I am a CrossFit Woman.
Student. Trainer. Coach.
Increased work capacity is my mission.
Elite fitness is my goal.
I am a CrossFit Woman.
I may scale a WOD, but I will never quit or give up.
I do what others won’t and excel where others can’t.
I am stronger mentally and physically because of it.
I am a CrossFit Woman.
I am invincible.
And you could be too.

02 November 2010

AMSUS 31 Oct - 2 Nov in Phoenix AZ

Spent a few days in Phoenix at the Association Medical Surgeons - United States, at their 116th Annual Meeting. Why was I there?

Biomedical Science Corps Individual Mobilization Augmentee 2009