25 March 2010

My First Helicopter Ride Was Amazing

So many good sights. Lots of pictures & a few videos (start HERE on the flickr).

Early morning (0730) showed us the dawn over the Big Island mountains. We headed towards the sun across the middle of the island to reach Volcanoes National Park. Steam vents everywhere and perfect overcast conditions to find some hot lava.

From there we go up the East coast through Hilo and into Waipi'o Valley. So many waterfalls all over this side of the island.

A great overview of the island. Funny & informative pilot (Koji) and great customer service (Paradise Helicopters).

23 March 2010

Seahorse Farm


Return visit for me (from 2008), first time for Ray. More pictures at my flickr in the Hawaii 2010 folder.

21 March 2010

Yes, That is a Mimosa

Jogged to Bongo Ben's for breakfast in town (4 1/2 miles in 50 min), spent some time at the pool with Ray, enjoyed the afternoon on the Lanai with the grown-ups.

20 March 2010

Hello Kona

Hail Hail The Gangs All Here.
Ray, my inlaws (Ray's dad Del & his wife Mary across from him) and their friends (Deb, next to Del & Chris, next to Mary).

The traditional Kona Inn Mai Tais & Sashimi upon arrival to the Big Island.

19 March 2010

Saying Goodbye to Kauai & Hello to Kona

Rainbow on our way out of town.

Oahu, leaving Honolulu Airport.

Big Island coastline.

Mai Tais and Sashimi. An arrival tradition at the Kona Inn.

18 March 2010

Last Night in Kauai

Ray gave me a exquisite Ni'ihau shell necklace. So delicate and colorful.

On to Kona tomorrow!

Waimea Canyon

Beautiful drive southwest and then inland up to 4000 ft at the top. Amazing foliage - you'd never know you were still in Hawaii. Breezy and misty at the top.

More pictures on the flickr start HERE.

17 March 2010

Kauai Safari Adventure

Kayaking, Hiking and Zipline, OH MY!

What a way to combine different activities into the day. Started with a drive to the harbor and lessons in paddling a kayak. Person in front paddles, person in back steers. Guess who was the boss. Apparently my paddling turns the boat to the right, but I say it was his oversteering. We still survived the 2 mile journey upriver (past the Menehune Fish Pond and the Indiana Jones rope swing from yesterday). Then we started the hike to another pond & rope swing (great video HERE and HERE).

Onward up to the valley for a ride to the "test your fear of heights" foot bridge and then the first zipline.

After lunch and the second zipline (side-by-side) we hiked back to the river for the ride back to the harbor and the end of a long adventure. Time to relax & enjoy the sunset.

Pictures and videos on the flickr, start HERE.

16 March 2010

ATV Adventure

Some pictures from our muddy trip.

Jumping into the water on the rope swing used by Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark when he escaped the natives to the plane in the river.

More pictures on flickr.

Wish You Were Here

The view from the lanai.

15 March 2010

Getting Away Together

It's been 4 years since my husband & I have taken a true vacation together. Work (i.e. military deployments) kept getting in the way of our traditional trip to Hawaii with my in-laws. This year we made it!

Love that the plane's window shades were dolphins - it has to be a really good sign.

Yes, it was a lovely flight. A nice mimosa before the plane leaves the ground made the 1 hour delay bearable. Being with my husband made it heavenly.