01 February 2009

Superbowl Fanatics

I woke up early and came to the Rec Center to check out the folks that stayed up all night to watch the Superbowl live. Our live show started at 2a Monday.

Out in the main area are three tvs in different corners. I think the Cardinal fans separated themselves from the Steeler fans (from what I hear in all the yelling and cheering during these last five minutes).

Have you noticed how time seems to stand still towards the end of a good football game? These last 5 minutes are taking a very long time.

Ouch (those were my ears), Cardinals just scored. Guess there are a lot of Cardinal fans in here. Maybe the Steeler fans are all in the theatre room where you are allowed to drink your two beers (one at a time of course). Looks like the Bud and Coors went fast, all I see over in the corner right now is the Heinken bottles.

Sadly, no fun Superbowl commercials when we are watching via AFN. We get encouraging messages from top brass and commercials for TV shows that AFN is showing this week. And football players thanking the troops. I'll catchup with the paid commercials when I get back.


  1. Dang I was hoping you'd get to see the Office! It was really good, all of it except the movie part with Jack Black.

  2. One of the earliest "commercials" showed a group of enlisted men and women from Balad! In my heart, you were with them and Bill and I cheered!!!

  3. Nope, sorry, no episodes of The Office for me here (except a few online from the first 3 seasons - just rewatched "The Pilot" and "Diversity Day" earlier this week).

    I heard about the shot of folks from Balad - but that was at 2a! I was fast asleep.

    I've posted pictures on flickr from the 8p version of the show. I'll add some of them to a new blog post.