03 January 2011

Goals for 2011

1. Drink more water & less diet soda (I know goals should be quantified but I haven't figured this one out yet).

2. Continue my adventure in fitness; increase my jogging (includes mapping out a 5 mile, 6 mile and up to a 10 mile course to our favorite sports bar).
3. Do a marathon.

4. No fried potatoes (just not enough nutrition to be worth the calories).

5. Finish ACSC (military professional education), RSVP (readiness skills), and get our nutritional medicine flight all caught up on their training.

6. Fix up the backyard (fake turf, lights, fire pit, BBQ, new hot tub).

7. New washer/dryer & refrigerator (they are 10-15 years old!).

8. Clean out & organize the "office"; get plaques and pictures hung up on the walls.

9. CrossFit goals for 2011:
Sub 8 min "Fran"
"Cindy" Rx 15+
"Murph" Rx in under 45 min
a real Muscle-up