26 January 2009

Mysterious Roommate

She wasn't here when I arrived. The person I replaced said she had left 3 days ago on TDY and was suppose to be back on the 24th. So I've had the room to myself for over a week & a half. I cleaned the floors and did my best attempt at dusting. I shook out the rug and straightened up the place. This weekend I would come back to my room, unlock the door and wonder if she was there. Or as I was laying in bed, watching a DVD, wondered if she was unlocking the door. It was a wee bit nerve-wracking, not knowing.

Today I get back from work and her bed it made, a duffle & backpack are on the floor. So she is back. But I still haven't met her yet. After working out, shower and getting dinner, still no sign of her. I suppose I'll meet her after my wifi tonight.

All I know is her first name is Doris. And she is the same rank as I. But she works in a different squadron (not at the hospital).

1 comment:

  1. That happened to me in college. The entire first day I was in my room I never saw my roommate. Turns out she dumped her stuff and ran to find the guy she had been shagging the previous year.

    Note: I do not miss having roommates.