04 January 2009

Weekend at Green Valley Ranch Casino

We have a tradition for staying at GVR before/after these long separations. This time it was for my trip. And my birthday.

I wanted to play the big spender (some of the time). I splurged for something romantic our first night. Surprised my husband with the champagne & chocolate covered strawberries that were waiting in the room when we got back after playing poker for hours.

The next morning we had more champagne (while I made my hotel room reservations for my deployment - yes, I'm a wiz at multitasking!!!).

Before our fabtabulous dinner at Hanks (I twittered that the amazing Lobster Corn Chowder appetizer was almost better than sex) we went into the High Limit area. I always wanted to play the "high roller". They offered me a $50 BJ table so I played two handed through 3 shoes (6 decks of card in each shoe). Had 2 glasses of nice champagne and actually walked out $100 ahead! The highlight was the split 8's, with two more 8s and also a double down all on that same hand. Talk about nerve wracking. That was $250 riding on that one hand. Thank goodness for the dealer bust!

We spent a lot of time in the poker room. I did the morning tournaments; first out on Friday, made it to 4th on Saturday (could have easily gotten at least to third but I wanted to get to a movie with Ray & Jill). Overall a fun weekend without spending a huge amount. The only jackpot was Ray's Royal at The Boulevard during breakfast the first morning.

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