05 July 2010

Burpees at 38,000 ft

CrossFit702 is doing the "100 days of Burpees" challenge. No rest during vacation. But I decided to try something unique.

Thank you to the flight attendants on American Airlines flight 1372 for allowing me to block the aisle for a minute, and taping it for me.

03 July 2010

CrossFit on Vacation: Arlington Heights, IL

It's nice to find CrossFit Affiliates when traveling. I'm north of Chicago this weekend and found Elite Athletic Development (EAD) in Arlington Heights, IL.

Friday noon was working on strength/form on back squats (3 reps @ 125# for the third set). Then 10 minutes of sit-ups, jumping pull-ups and double-unders (completed 8 + 2/3rds rounds).

Saturday morning was 3 rounds of 30 wall balls (16#) and 30 hang squat snatch (35#). Exhausted (20:31).

Nice group of folks.

They have a strict on-time policy; the whole group does 5 burpees for every minute someone is late. Everyone goes through the posted dynamic warm-up before the trainer starts working with us. There was no PVC pipe range of motion work these two days. It's been interesting seeing how other places CrossFit. But it's tough when the trainer doesn't know your strengths/weaknesses. I miss my trainers and workout buddies back home.

02 July 2010

Fight Gone Bad

1 minute for each exercise: Wall-ball, 14 pound ball 8 ft target (Reps), Sumo deadlift high-pull 55 pounds (Reps), Box Jump, 18″ box (Reps), Push-press 55 pounds (Reps), Row (Calories). Three rounds with 1 minute rest in between rounds.

First time was in January, score 219.

Second time was in April, thought I'd do better but only 221.

Reviewed my scores and saw how I blew myself out in the first round and had nothing left. So I set some goals for each exercise looking for a 225 or better.

Third time in June, score 252!

End result is still the same - exhaustion.