20 May 2009

Wednesday - Another Long Day

Walked the H6 loop this morning (instead of jogging). In addition to the normal hospital rounds I worked with an outpatient this morning (lifestyle changes to postpone the eventual develop of diabetes for as long as possible). Throw in squadron meeting, intel brief, normal nutritional medicine operations, a visit across the street to the clinic, giving platelets, working on LOE (Letter of Evaluation) bullets, etc....I ended up staying at work until after 7:30p tonight.

Not sitting in the Rec Center tonight. Those of you who know me from the chat room are familiar with the bane of my Wednesday nights. At 2030 hrs (8:30p) there is suppose to start the Salsa Dancing. Problem is two fold. 1) the guy sometimes starts the music early (tonight he was 15 min early). 2) the music is WAY TOO LOUD..to the point where I have resorted to ear plugs if I stay in the Rec Center (but I cannot watch my DVDs cause I cannot hear the sound over the music, even through my earphones. Fortunately, I can now access the internet via my room. The wifi company came out, posted the router booster antennae on the roof and ran a cable through a hole in the floor. I've enlisted the help BioEnvironmental services and next week I'll be testing the noise level (decibels). I'll post the results.

I'm suppose to do a 5K "race" tomorrow. Hope my hamstring will cooperate. It's still sore from CrossFit.


  1. All the best to you tomorrow on your 5 K Race.

  2. I finished! 30:47 (my goal was to get under 30 min so I was pretty close). I had to stop and walk a couple of times. But this is still pretty good considering I didn't jog at all last week and only twice this week.

    There's another 5K on Monday morning. Then the biathlon on Saturday May 30th.