21 May 2009

Thursday Was Exercise Day/Tough Week at Work

5th Brigade's Organizational Day 5K Fun Run this morning. My goal was to finish in the top 1000 (so I could get a T-shirt). And I wanted to break 30 min. I accomplished the first (can't wear it around here, but it's another souvenier from my deployment) and got close to the second (30:47). Maybe next week I can do better. There's a Memorial Day 5K on Monday.

This afternoon I went to CrossFit - thinking there would be more muscle work. Nope, 400 meter run OUTSIDE in the HEAT, followed by 50 air squats (that's squatting down far enough your butt can touch a medicine ball, so it's pretty low). Oh, do that 4 times! I've got a bottle of Motrin at the bedside if I can't get up tomorrow morning.


It's been a tough week at the hospital. We've had a rush of pediatric traumas. A few burns that look scary but they are recovering. The other week a child was run over by a truck - broke so many facial bones - good news is that he's recovering ok. But today we lost two kids. One was a burn that came in yesterday. Another was a victim of a bombing in Baghdad this morning. We have to remember that for every one of these, we are saving 97 others. And that keeps us going. There are some pretty amazing things happening in our hospital. Our surgeons and doctors and nurses and nurse techs are absolutely stellar. And all of the support folks really step up when needed.

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