15 May 2009

Multiple Costume Changes (part deux)

1. Wake up (5am), get out of bed put on PT gear for a walk on a treadmill in the gym (only time I can listen to ARGNetcast on the iPod is in the gym - not allowed to wear headphones outside).

2. Back to my room to change into my uniform.

3. Get to work and put on the purple heart scrub top (it's Man Love Friday).

4. Change back into PT gear to walk to Holt stadium (to get more exercise and since it's really getting hot outside it's better to sweat in t-shirt & shorts; and don't have to wear my weapon if I'm doing physical training).

5. Back to work and back in the uniform with the scrub top.

6. Change the scrub top for my uniform blouse to attend a ceremony honoring a hospital volunteer for 1100 hrs of service this past year (that's almost 20 hours per week)!

7. Blouse off and scrub top back on.

8. Back into PT gear to go to the gym and take the CrossFit class ("Cindy" = 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats repeated over 20 min, I did 14.5, with 'jumping' pullups). Finished with a P90X abdominal program (I could barely do half of them).

9. Back to work again and about 2 hours later I take my shower and put on my uniform again.

10. After Sabbath Services I find my way to my room and change into my Rec Center PT gear (long sleep shirt under the PT t-shirt, long PT pants - cause the a/c in the rec center is set too low).

I think I at least tied my previous record. Have to check the archives.

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