13 May 2009

Don't Start Counting The Days

1. We don't know when our replacements will be here. We have a supposed date but just like I wasn't here 'on time', it's very possible my follow-on could be late as well.

2. After our replacement gets here, there is suppose to be a 72 hr overlap for training. THEN we get scheduled for a rotator to Qatar.

3. We have no control over when a flight leaves Qatar. We might miss it if we don't get to Qatar in time for our original itinerary.

4. Once I get back to the states I have to wait for a flight back home (although of course I'll try to get on the earliest flight possible). My goal/hope/plans/wishes are to make it back in time for my wedding anniversary (July 15th) but considering the experiences of everyone who's been leaving lately, I'm not going to hold my breath.

5. After I get back to Las Vegas I still have to check in at Nellis AFB before I can do ANYTHING. But then the military owns me until mid-August. So I'll get a couple weeks to reconnect with my husband. But then they get to keep me working on special projects until my MPA (Man Power Authorization) expires.

6. At least I'll get to go home every night and sleep in my own bed for the last month of my military obligation.

1 comment:

  1. I'll be counting my days like you in ....8 more months. But I'm happy for you. for now I'm trying to spend my four day passs that turn into two weeks here in Qatar, I hope I can make it for Friday night, don't stop going, please, we have to light the candles :)
    Take care,