18 May 2009

It's a Monday!

Finally did what I planned to do for the past couple weeks - go for a jog at 5am. Made it 1.5 miles then walked the last 1/2 mile to cool down.

Good thing I got that started, cause a Colonel's promotion at the hospital at 3p meant I couldn't get to the CrossFit class today.

I'm thinking of doing a 5K fun run on Thursday morning.

And I signed up for another biathlon (at the outdoor pool, sponsored by the US Coast Guard) next Saturday.

Flies are out in full force right now. Annoying buggers.

I got to see "Star Trek" last weekend, at Saddam's Theater here on base. One scene was totally not needed (on the ice planet, with CGI creatures chasing Kirk). But wow! There's some good looking guys on that show. Interesting direction of the characters - I think it has some good potential for a regular series of movies (maybe with a director who is better with a steady cam?).

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