02 May 2009

Operation Postcard - Extended into May

We gotten dozens and dozens of cards from around the world (a couple from Germany and Japan arrived this past week). The messages have been great to read (even if we have no idea who has sent them - amazing how many people don't put a name or their user name/avatar on the cards so it's just a fun mystery).

But we still have half a wall to cover. So I'm extending Operation Postcard into this month.

Standard US postage rates apply (if it's bigger than standard, extra stamp is needed)
Nutritional Medicine
332d EMDG/Nut Med
APO AE 09315-9997

Until May 31st.


  1. I got postcards from Qatar!... just wait untill I get back (whenever there iis a flight available)and I'll post it personally. Estela

  2. I Sent my Post Card a While back... Hope it got there is on piece.

    (Hugs) Kona :)

  3. The final photo of Operation Postcard will be taken & posted this weekend. Thanks to everyone who contributed! We love the wall.