25 May 2009

Memorial Day Happenings in JBB

6a - 5K run (yes, it's getting pretty warm earlier in the day). Haven't broke 30 min yet, this time was 30:24, so I'm getting closer.

9a - Find out I am getting a roommate for the remainder of my deployment. No more private room (I knew it was too good to last). She's a nurse in the ICU, works days, from Colorado. Tactical vehicles are on display in front of the hospital (took some pictures, will insert here in a day or two).

10a - Finally find the coffee hutch that was put in place when the Medevac unit moved their operations next door earlier this month. Nice soy mocha (it's paid for by donations).

3p - CrossFit class. 25 pull ups, 50 pushups, 50 deadlifts (55#), 50 kettledrum one arm lifts (squat & lift 4 kg), 50 floor sweeps (it's a core exercise where you lie on the ground with a bar fully extended like a bench press, then bring straight legs up and alternate right and left side of the bar), 50 box jumps (I used the 12" box), end with 25 pull ups. Took me a little over 26 minutes, and I still need the box to help with the pull ups. But I'm a little closer to my goal of doing a real pull up on my own before I leave JBB.

6p - Commanders Call (have to go across the street, all the way through our housing block, to get to Town Hall).

8p - Take the new roommate around the common areas and to the laundry drop-off. This is when we hear the big BOOM! Then a klaxon. Whoa! A few minutes later come into the Rec Center, get the roommate online so she can Skype with her spouse. Oooh, free pizza! Slight distraction.

8:15p - People buzzing a little. Two hits in the vicinity of our housing. Call into the hospital and check in with our squadron superintendent. Great, no one else from my flight has done so. Time to go knock on doors. Found 2 of 4 airmen but where are the others? One lives in another housing area, the other is supposedly at the movies.

9:15p - Accountability is cancelled. We got 3 out of 5 in our flight to check in (including me). So I didn't have to run over to the other housing area after all (phew - I've already logged 21K steps today).

9:45p - Yawn. What time did I wake up today? Oh yeah, 4:30a (just because it is light outside isn't any reason I *have* to wake up before my 5a alarm, but someone forgot to tell that to my brain). I hope my hips don't hurt tomorrow morning the way the are aching right now.


  1. thought of u today while attending the woodlawn memorial day service. i check in on the blog & love the posts and stories. sounds like you're v
    busy. ever get free time to jump in on new ARGs? hope all is well :)



  2. Hey Jan - thought of you too. "Mildred" sent me a postcard from Santa Monica!
    I wish I had time to jump into an ARG but alas, I haven't really been able to get involved in anything new these days. But we will be finding something ARGish to do together (me & Shark) after I get back.

  3. Hi Holly (a.k.a. 'konamouse'),
    I am so thankful for you and everyone else serving in our military (my cousin is over in Kuwait - has been for 7 years!). You are in my thoughts and prayers!

    Jaye (a.k.a. - ChefRuns - DMI LIzzie!)

  4. Wow, and I thought I was exercising a lot. Kick ass, kona! Take care take care. It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job of assmebling the best possible solution out of all the pieces you have available. Sorta like puzzle solving, I wonder where she gets that...

  5. that's cool :) i told mildred/susan about your postcard collection & she loves the sammeeeee posse & jumped on it.