24 May 2009

Busy Day Off

Patient rounds and feeding the CASF = going into work on my day off. But today I was done by 9:30 and headed to the outdoor pool for a little lap swimming. I need to get a few pictures of me swimming next week. After my shower hung out in the sun reading and letting my hair dry. Only time I can have it down while being outside (all other times it has to be pulled back).

Walked back to the hospital to drop off my gym bag (can't take it into the BX) then walked back to the BX and the Beauty shop - got a mani/pedi and bought weight lifting gloves (the CrossFit class is going to give me blisters if I don't start wearing them). All the walking today = 15K steps according to my pedometer. It was a lot easier a few months ago. Now the temperature is rising it's a little more of an effort. It was 111 degrees at 2:30p today.

I had my first (and last) Iraqi Burger King Whopper today for lunch. No fries. That thing sat in my stomach like a rock for hours.

After cooling down I got my regular 3p massage (this was more of just a relaxing rub than a therapeutic massage - which I really could use after all this muscle work I'm doing). Snooze time. Then pickup my laundry, put it away, grab my laptop case and get over to the Rec Center. Cup of mocha to wake me back up.

Sunday is bingo night at the Rec Center. I haven't had much luck lately. Been more than 2 months since I won a game. And it looks like tonight is no exception. Oh well, it's free. And it's not like I need the money (prizes are AAFES gift cards for $25 or $35). This guy calls pretty fast. I'm trying to write this while playing tonight. What's nice is I also get to chat with my husband and sometimes even webcam with him (until the bandwidth gets too narrow from all the people in here playing WoW and Skyping.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. There will be some activities (I'm doing a 5K jog in the morning) and services around the base. Many folks back home will enjoy the holiday off from work. Maybe they'll watch a parade, or go to the movies. I hope they also take the time to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our nation's freedom. These folks out here, keeping us safe inside the wire, patroling the villages and the cities to protect the civilians from the radicals, training the local security forces to take over these duties, please remember all of them.

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