30 March 2009

Getting Dressed, More Than Once

1. Get into uniform this morning
2. Change blouse for scrub top at work
3. Change from uniform into PT gear for a jog.
4. Change back into uniform & scrub top after job (no time for shower)
5. Change scrub top back into uniform blouse for briefing
6. Change out of uniform into shower PT gear to go take shower
7. Back into uniform to return to work
8. Change blouse for scrub top at work
9. Time to leave, change scrub top back to blouse
10. Back in the room, change uniform for PT gear and head to the Rec Center

I think I'm dizzy now.

Oh, managed 150 pushups and 80 situps today, jogged 1.6 miles without stopping.
And figured out there are about 1000 steps from my door to the hospital door (done 4 times today). I deserve the rest of the night sitting on my arse in front of the laptop, chatting with my husband!

Got a care package from a "coworker" at my "virtual job" (yay for DunderMifflinInfinity). Cheers for JanetLizz.! Thank you!

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