14 February 2009

Man Love Friday, Take 2

Heard another version behind the story of Man Love Friday. Presented in Morning Openers (instead of a clinical topic).

According to the Cardiologist, the reason is because of donated scrubs and laundry day. And this is a occurence in other areas of the Middle East theater of operations.

Scrubs are not something authorized for our hospitals (i.e. we cannot order them through military channels). They come to us from well meaning folks back home. So we get a mixture of solid color and colorful, fun themed scrubs. Years ago it was determined that scrubs are unisex. However, by the end of the work week, only the more feminine tops were left. This blossomed into the challenge of the folks wearing them and choosing the most ladylike options (we were even treated to a photograph of a murse in an old fashioned female nursing dress & cap from years ago). Today our male staff are still encouraged to make their Friday scrub top choice as feminine as possible (and we women are allowed to judge their success) - just not too tight.

All this was related to the medical staff the same morning our hospital commander wore a Gorilla Suit.

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  1. Love the pictures! Thanks for posting them. I am sorry you had a bad day; hope you're feeling better soon.