10 February 2009

Deep Thoughts

Every once in awhile I have to eat a PopTart just to remind myself why it's never worth the 200 calories each.


  1. Please tell me you didn't reach this conclusion by eating one of the S'mores flavored ones. Those make my stomach go all wonky just thinking of them

  2. Well said Holly, I've made that realization about 2 times in the last few years. What do my kids see in them?

  3. I Like Poptarts. but I must have Milk or Coffee while eating one.

    and I only eat one of the two at a time :P

  4. I will only eat the Frosted Strawberry (I have never seen raspberry).

    Why open the package to only eat 1? (Which would be the smarter thing to do). I apparently have to have both of them cause I can't seem to find a friend with whom to share.

    I describe them as Wonder Bread with Jam, smashed flat between two dictionaries.

    As for the kids? I think it's because they are like sweet crustless sandwiches.