06 February 2009

Man Love Friday

So, how do I explain this:

The story (pure hearsay) is that the locals tending their sheep outside the wire get a little lonely and guards in the towers have directly observed them .. ah ... well .. use your imagination .. on Thursday afternoon/evenings. At the AFTH everyone used to wear colorful scrubs but a tradition started that on Fridays, in honor of the local custom, folks would go all out to wear the "gayest" scrub top they could find in the pile. A hospital commander didn't think that patterned/colorful scrubs were very professional so he changed the policy so that during the week there can be only single color scrubs but he did keep "Man Love Friday".

Which brings me to another word I learned here: Murses (our wonderful male nurses).

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  1. This is perhaps, one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read. I had to bite my tounge from laughing out loud since I am at the office and don't need people thinking I am nuts.