23 February 2009

Deep Thoughts

Doing laundry is fattening.


Isn't it true that when you put on a pair of freshly laundered pants, aren't they always tighter than the pair you just put into the hamper? Both of my ABU pants are size 12S. But one pair is definately tighter than the other. I think this pair was mismarked and should have been a 10S. Maybe I'll lose some more weight and they won't be so tight anymore. I've already lost 5# since leaving the US. Now that I'm over this cold I should be able to workout more often. I'm trying to get out of my office and walk around the facility more - I used to get in at least 4000-5000 steps a day at Sunrise.


Got some bad news about a fellow dietitian back in Las Vegas. Could have been a lot worse but it's still very heartbreaking. My well wishes to her family & friends and for a speedy & positive recovery to all.

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