08 February 2009

What Do You Do on Your Day Off?

After patient rounds and finishing a briefing power point - I finally made it back to the Beauty Shop for my $11 manicure/pedicure. Didn't get the pizza (no one at the register for 5 min and the minimum you can buy is a full medium - next time I'll bring a friend).

I did get a new area rug for my room (and took the old one outside for the walkway). Wiped down dresser and other surfaces with antibacterial wet wipes and washed the floor with wetswifter. I feel much better with a clean room (yeah, I know, konashark is going "huh???").

So now it's around 2p, I really should eat. The DFAC (Dining Facility) isn't open in the middle of the afteroon.
Fortunately we have a Subway Trailer right next to the Rec Center. The 12" Chicken will stick with me for the rest of the day (well, the chocolate bar tonight will just be my 'dinner' - hey, it's my day off and I'll eat what I want to!!).

Picked up my laundry (taking a break from wifi) and then back to the Rec Center where an AF Band is playing. Music from 60s - 90s with a little big band sound. Not too bad (especially with ear plugs). I took a couple of pictures (will insert tomorrow). Bingo later tonight! Maybe it's my turn to win? I expect to finish out my evening watching "Roswell" on DVD (I'm up to the middle of season 2).

Tomorrow it's back to Groundhog Day. To make it a little different, I have my first health lecture at the Rec Center for the wellness competitions (Monday afternoon, Thursday evening). We have Fit2Fight at the hospital and the Rec Center/Gym has B.A.M. (Balanced Meals + Active Lifestyle = Maximum Results). The topic this week is Behavior Modification.

Also this week at the hospital we are "voting" for someone to dress up as Cupid to deliver the valentines on Saturday. We vote with donations to the moral fund. $1/vote but you want to wait for "blue light specials" to get 20 votes for your $1 (or maybe even more). We have someone in our squadron we're voting for (this person is in 3rd place right now, so I'm saving my votes for the last day). Yes, there will be pictures. I also have to fix up my Valentines lecture "For the Love of Chocolate" I am doing on behalf of the Women's Clinic.

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  1. I sent chocolates and hope you get them in time for your lecture!!!