11 February 2009

Mail Call

"Mail reps to the back dock" or "Mail reps report to MCC" paged overhead starts folks salivating.

The most highly anticipated time of the day.

With the availability of internet and email the letters are few and usually just bills or solicitations from magazine mailing lists. But packages. We love those boxes. And every afternoon you wonder if today you get one.

Today I got a box from my husband! Click pens (cause I keep losing mine), TV Guides and Entertainment Weeklys, and the entire 10 seasons of SG1 on DVD! So much fun opening a box from the States. Like a holiday morning.


  1. All 10 Seasons?! OMG, I Envy you, I want them so bad! Have Fun Watching them!

  2. Today I got a lovely box of chocolates from dabaum (from DunderMifflinInfinity). THANK YOU!