02 February 2009

Pictures from the Superbowl Party

Harken back to a HEADLINES post I made last month about some deal for US Military troops to have beer during the Superbowl:

Drinking beer in Iraq!

The beer line. Leave your ID, get a mark on the back of your left hand. Return the empty for your second serving and the mark is crossed (that's it, no more beer for you). Return the second empty on the other side of the room to get your ID back.

Folks were not here at 8p for the 3rd showing of the Superbowl, they were here for the beer.

Even the Wing Commander had a cold one (with a group of Tuskegee Medics - people I work with at the hospital).

Happy Tuskegee Medics!


  1. Better than nothing, I guess...Good to see you have such great connectivity!

  2. keep this blog going - it's wonderful

  3. Isn't MGD suppose to be the "champagne of beers"??

  4. Two beers would put me under the table.
    Have you ever seen a drunken cat...
    It's not pretty.