09 February 2009

Stay Hydrated

I did not win at bingo, despite there being half the usual number of players.

By request, I have proof of the ugliness that is me in the PT sweats.

We've been without our bathroom/shower cadillacs for two weeks now. Broken sewer or water main.

We have some portapotties (very useful at night since the next set of bathrooms are a 3 min walk). There's a saying around here, about willing to wear Depends to avoid having to get dressed in the middle of the night just to go. Or one can just stop drinking around 9p and be really dehydrated by morning.

There are plenty of 1 liter water bottles all over the place, so there is no excuse. I've been pretty good about getting down 3 of these a day.

Most of the time I don't use the Crystal Lite. Turns out they provide plenty of these packets in the DFAC (so I didn't have to bring any with me). But you have to remember to take some of the water out before adding the packet (this ICW nurse didn't heed that advice).

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