30 October 2009

Happy Halloween

I wanted to be something scary this year.

I figured Swine Flu was a good bet.

Here are a few more around the hospital today.


  1. What, no splenda fairy! Come on...Actually I like the swine flu idea. If I did that here though I think I would offend some people. The Portugese are scared s**tless and the base has a confirmed case now, so I think no one would want to come near me tonight. But they did make an awesome haunted house on base in the old post office. Professional quality for sure. Have fun!

  2. Alas, the Splenda Fairy is no more.

    I washed the yellow shirt and all the blue letters came off (stupid me, should have sewn them instead of relying on the sticky glue).

  3. What a great idea. Love your Costume. Happy Halloween babe. Miss you.

  4. I see that one of your followers is named Jaye...that's my sister's name and I never heard of another one besides her!! Enjoying your blog!! CAS