12 October 2009

Fighter Pilot for a Day

Since coming to Las Vegas I have attend many JDRF Galas. It's an annual fund raiser that features silent auction items (we got our Double Diamond slot machine the first year). In 2008 while Ray was in Afghanistan I bid/won a ride for him at Air Combat USA.

This weekend he finally got up to North Las Vegas airport to take his ride. I went with as the designated driver (in case he got sick). Due to his opponent being a no-show, I was offered the other seat at half-price. Can't pass up that opportunity!

Our instructors were seated next to us, watching all the dials and ready to take the yoke should someone start to spin (Ray) or get sick (me, twice). Five dogfights, final score 3-2 (me).

Flying back over North Las Vegas


  1. Very cool! We have clients do this in South Africa and they love it.