24 October 2009

Potomac CrossFit

6p WOD (Workout Of the Day) at Potomac CrossFit is half-priced Belgium Light Lager next door to the gym (something that is very popular with "Vegas Mike").

This was after the 5p WOD:
6 rounds for time (I did 8:43 using 45#) of 10 Front Squats + 10 Push Press.

Getting there was half the fun. Google maps gave me two options, inner belt loop or outer. End of the workday on a Friday, I opted for the outer. This took me on a nice trip through residential neighborhood in Old Town Alexandria and parked me on the opposite side of Washington, but I managed to find it on time (yay!).

Drop in rate is $15, or $20 to buy a shirt. I decided I might as well pick up a Tshirt. This seems to be a pattern around CrossFit gyms, shirt collecting. Might as well start now.

The trip home was even more interesting - cause I got myself lost. This time I took the inner belt loop. At 8p the traffic through DC is easy and this kept me on the freeways. But I made the mistake of taking the exit to 495S instead of 495N and crossed the Wilson Bridge in the wrong direction (whoops). Got myself turned back around and still home by 8:30p.

If my schedule allows, I will try to make it out there again - it was fun to do a WOD with such a big happy engaged group (and the exercise workout was good also).

This is Vegas Mike who invited me to the Potomac club (this is how we looked after the workout, before the beer).

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