17 October 2009

Working Space

We'll start at the back dock, entry into the basement of the hospital where the Nutritional Medicine Flight is located.

Walk down the hallway and around the corner to elevators (who takes elevators for just one flight) and go up the stairs near the main hospital entrance.

Then follow one of the many "bowling alley" hallways inside Malcolm Grow Medical Center. It's about 150 steps to the other side where the outpatient Nutrition Clinic can be found.

And we're here! This is my primary working location for the next two months.


  1. The desk itself is bigger than at Sunrise!

  2. Yeah, but it's not mine. So all the drawers are full and I am sort of living out of my gym bag. So many of the handouts are copies of copies, or done in Comic Sans font and not on the shared drive so I cannot fix them to a more professional version.

    Oh, and lots of websites are blocked. Makes it a little difficult when looking for new written materials.

    But it's nice having the patient education there where I have access to all those boxes and some food models (instead of dragging them all over the hospital).