01 November 2009

Computer Viruses Suck! And Playing Tourist - Part 1

Sorry the photos were delayed. My computer got loaded with spyware virus last night (whoever created Personal Guard 2009 can get run over by a Russian tank after I shoot him). Despite 7 hours (didn't go to bed until past 3a) going through the registry & deleting processes and running my antivirus software, I was still infected and probably screwed up some other things. And the virus has corrupted my IE so I wasn't even able to get onto the internet to dl the appropriate AntiMalware. This morning I took it to Geek Squad; hope to get it back Tuesday evening (then I will edit this paragraph & add photos to the blog).

Today was my first tourist day. Aliendial (whom I know from unFiction and ARGFests) took me to brunch in Alexandria. After a detour to Best Buy we headed into the Capital. Destination was the Newseum on Pennsylvania Ave. We spent a lovely afternoon exploring all the exhibits, watching a few videos, playing with the interactive monitors, and I took a few pictures (there are more at my flickr).

It also turned into a bit of an adventure as we got on the 295N instead of South and then she felt something wasn't right with the vehicle. Flat tire. Yes, two women CAN change a tire (sorry, no pictures of this one, we didn't really like the neighborhood).

Now I'm back at the hotel, waiting for my weekend Chinese food delivery, using the computer in the business center. Guess I'll get some reading done the next few nights (no computer also means no DVD player). Fingers crossed Best Buy has it ready for pick-up on Tuesday after work.


  1. Wow, hope you get the computer fully fixed and virus free soon.

  2. Yay for Geek Squad. Picked up my computer after work on Monday.