29 October 2009

Deep Thoughts

When the washing machine says it's HD and its a front loader, and the laundry soup soap says "for HD machines" and "use 1/2 the recommended amount for front loading machines to reduce excessive suds".....heed the advice and MEASURE out the appropriate amount.

Repeating the wash cycle costs an extra $1 and 30 min (and it's almost 8p before I get the load into the dryer).

So many trips up and down the stairs from the laundry room to my hotel room. There are 20 steps from first floor to the second, then 16 steps (2 sets of 8) from second to third, and from third to fourth floor.


Todays CrossFit:
2000m row
then 5 rounds of 10 Wall Balls (12#) and 20 box jumps (18")


Tuesday's CrossFit:
Kettlebells (12 kg) + Pullups (blue band)
400m run + 21 reps of each, 400m rn + 15 reps, 400m run + 9 reps
(forgot to write down the time)


  1. What is laundry "soup"? ;-)

    J/K...love your blog!

  2. Ooh crap. Fixed now. Thanks.