08 July 2009

Pack My Bags

Replacement is on his way. Yay! (But also sad at the soon-to-be-end of my deployment). I've had an amazing adventure. Incredible experience. And I know that I have made a small difference.

Not sure who/when is taking my bed but I have to get all my stuff into a suitcase/duffle and move my pillow to the top bunk tomorrow morning - making up the bed for a new person. Hopefully I can put together one more box for the mail (and get my suitcase as light as possible).

The hard part is not knowing how much longer I'll be here. But most don't have an itinerary (e-tickets home after we get back to the states).

Public thanks to a few very special folks who have forwarded to me DVDs with some favorite shows in the past month. Eric, Celina, Sally (and a couple of others). These really help pass the time and keep me caught up on some favorites. Don't worry, eventually I'll get the last season of "ER".

Todays CrossFit workout: Modified "Eva". Run 800 (I was crazy today, ran it OUTSIDE at 10:30a!!!), 30 kettlebell swings (graduated up to 12kg today), 12 clean/press (65#), and 12 pullups x 3 rounds. It took me 41 min because I stopped to help a new person with his kettlebells swings (don't want anyone to hurt themselves). The afternoon crew did 5 rounds (with 30 pulls ups and no clean/press). I'm trying to save myself for tomorrow when we are honoring an outgoing squadron commander from the EOSS; Troll's Legacy workout is going to be a doozy (he's a power lifter so most of our sets will involve the barbell).

And now the salsa music has gotten loud enough to chase me out of the Rec Center. That is definately something I will NOT miss.

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