18 July 2009

Arrived in US Soil

Sitting in the airport at BWI (Baltimore) right now!

US Airways ticket home doesn't leave until 2p with a plane change in Philly. The person at the ticket counter said there was nothing earlier except standby - and I didn't want to get stuck sitting around another airport waiting for another flight since there is NOTHING that is non-stop from here on their planes.

I really try to be polite and smile when at the ticket counter, but this gal must have been having a bad morning. She had nothing to offer me, said if I wanted an upgrade to First Class I would have to use the Gov't charge card (same used to purchase the ticket) and then said there was only FC available on the 40 min hop to Philly (not the 5 hr flight from Philly to Las Vegas). It's all just a moot point since it is illegal to use the Gov't charge card for such a purchase (and I don't understand this policy since military folks have always been able to upgrade using their personal cards, or cash). Maybe she won't be at the counter when I check in for my flight and I can try again. Or at the gate in Philly.

The USO here in BWI just started their renovation last night. They moved it upstairs into a conference center. No free wifi available in that area. I'm sitting out on the concourse in a hallway so I can charge my laptop, I don't mind paying the daily Boingo fee but I wish the connection was a little stronger than 2-3 bars and would stop dropping me.

The 4-Point Sheraton offered us free showers. After getting all sweaty yesterday loading bags (in exchange for first dibs on seats allowing me to have three together on the window and actually lay down for a nap during the 14 hr flight) I feel tons better. Thank you Sheraton!

Getting ready to wake up family on the West coast. At least my cell phone is fully charged. It was so great talking to my hubby. Going to wake mom & dad then head to the ticket counter and spend the rest of the waiting time at the gate.

Pictures from Al Udeid and reports of my Deidcation will be placed in here later today (in between watching Dexter Season 1 and playing Hoyle's Poker Tournament) once the laptop is fully charged and I can maintain my connection. Just finished watching Lost on the flight home (thank you Celina for the last 8 episodes). What a great season! Amazing cliffhanger. Can't wait to hear the producer podcasts.

Wow, lots of military walking around these hallways. In blues! Not used to seeing the USAF blue uniform - I think it was only recently the commands re-instated travel wearing blues.

Speaking of blues, check out this snappy guy:

Senior NCO Induction Ceremony after the 3-day leadership seminar. I'm so proud of my husband!

Edit: Here are some Al Udeid Pictures (as promised).

The infamous coffee shop - wifi and power in the mornings - just watch out for the sunrise glare through the windows. The barristas are very friendly.

The Mall, the DFAC

and the "Bra"

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