04 July 2009

4th of July in Balad

Started with the "4th of July 5K" (ran on Friday July 3rd). PR 27:50 in the dusty early morning - preclude to more dust and crappy weather all weekend.

CrossFit workout kicked ass. The first time I did this workout (6 weeks ago ) I used jumping pullups, lighter weights and a shorter box. This time I finished 2 min faster.
The "300":
25 pullups (used the orange band)
50 single arm kettlebell press (25 ea arm) - 8 kg weight
50 box jump - 20" bench
50 floor sweeps - holding a 75# barbell over my chest, sweep straight legs from one end, down to the floor and back up to the other end of the barbell (25 to each side)
50 pushups
50 deadlifts - 95#
25 pullups (used the orange band)
24 min 20 seconds. Not bad for an old lady.

Still dusty and low visibility. No wifi at night (can't reach the satellite).

332d Air Expeditionary Wing Change of Command - 0632 hrs (332 Zulu)

I was the narrator so I had one of the best seats in the house for the show.

DFAC was set up for the holiday and we served BBQ ribs, chicken, fried scallops, crab legs, special soups, mac & cheese, green beans with mushrooms, corn on the cob, spring vegetables, baked beans (some at lunch, some of these at dinner). Oh, and the cake & ice cream at lunch.

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  1. Happy (belated) Fourth from the States! Keep up the good work! :)