19 July 2009

Home at Last!

The long journey has come to an end. Obviously I'm a little busy right now.
1 load of laundry and 1 suitcase cleared.
2 boxes of mail & 4 boxes of shipped items to open (2 more on their way).
Still catching up on sleep.
Reporting up to the base tomorrow morning - I'm sure there is lots of paperwork and other stuff to do.
And pictures to load on here.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog (loved hearing from you!!!).
It will continue to be updated with photos & musings until I have officially finished my active duty middle of next month.

Edit to add a couple of pictures:

This guy was hiding under the couch and came out to greet me. AAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!

Gift from my husband, a much nicer surprise than the spider.


  1. Thanks so much for this! I'll be deploying to Balad in two weeks and have been so very apprehensive because I didn't know what it was "really" going to be like. I just read your entire blog and it has really helped my nerves! Wish me luck I'm an ICU medical technician!
    TSgt Amy

  2. Yay for our med techs! And for another Tuskegee Medic on her way to Iraq. Please say "hi" from me to the Nut Med team when you get there.

    If you see this, you can send me your email via a comment (I won't publish it) and then I can answer any questions you might have (offline).

  3. I happened accross your blog the other day when trying to find out more about balad. My husband leaves on Monday to do a 6 month stint, and it's been so good to see, and read so much about what he'll be going through. He says he isn't looking forward to the crud! Thanks for putting your adventures out there, it really has been so helpful!

  4. Good for you to be home! Say, is that Wendy from Montana in that picture from Al Udeid? (she's an acquaintance of mine, I knew she was going away soon).

    Enjoy your time at home. Best wishes,

  5. Oh Brian, you are too funny (what picture?).