06 July 2009

The End of the Sand Storm

Finally a break in the dust and sand. And by this afternoon there was blue skies and the air was heating up again.

With the improved visibility the planes are flying. Jets are taking off again. The mail arrived. The shelves at the BX started filling back up. We had lettuce & tomatoes at dinner. And our redeploying hospital folks have started leaving. Just waiting for our replacements to leave the states and move closer to Iraq.

Maybe I'll finally get back to the pool this weekend - one last opportunity to get a photo in a two piece suit before leaving the desert.

Today's CrossFit workout: 12 one arm pushpress R arm (20#), 12 one arm deadlift L arm (50#), run 1/2 mile. Do it again with L arm/R arm and run another 1/2 mile. Repeat both. for time - 21:48 (got the treadmill up to 7 mph - fastest yet). 5 pullups at the end.

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