14 June 2009

Running in Balad

Army 234th Birthday 5K this morning. In the very dusty air. Yup, breathing that stuff. Hard to tell on the photo but I'm covered in orange dust, my hair looked 5 shades lighter. My best time here so far, 28:52.

Next race is this Friday, for Childhood Cancer. Can I get down to 28:45?

I wore the pedometer most of the day. It's about a mile from my trailer to the stadium. The race was 3 miles. Another mile back to my room, pickup my pool bag, then over to the hospital for rounds. After that, back to the stadium for the outdoor pool (only swam 10 laps, too tired and no motivation to 'workout' today). Another mile back to housing after sunning (more like baking with the heat) on the deck.

As soon as I got into the compound there was an "Alarm Red" so I got to spend 20 minutes in a bunker (instead of getting some lunch). Finally got back into the relative comfort of my room, made the bed and cooled off for an hour before yoga.

After getting dinner tonight, the total is 25.6K steps (probably 8 miles today). I'm having a cookie with dinner tonight.

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