08 June 2009

CrossFit Had Me In Tears

This one was a toughie - and trying to do all those pullups made me nearly cry, cause I was really trying. But even with the resistance bands I could only to 30 of 40 in the first round, 25 of 40 in the second, and then I couldn't even get to 20 at the end. I wanted to, so much. But no more 'jumping' pullups for me. The running part was easy (first 1/2 mile was done outside but damn it was hot), the other two were done on the treadmill at 6 mph (my usual pace).

For my 'challenge' I first did 100 pushups. Then I took the 45 lb weight lifting bar and did 10 push presses....but the last one knocked me in the chin on the way up. Fortunately didn't break the skin, but I ended up icing it when I got back to work - gonna feel like one heck of a bruise tomorrow.

For more information about all these CrossFit classes I've been doing for the past four weeks (today was the start of week 5 and I still can't do a proper pullup on my own - but I'm getting closer), check out Wisdom of the Warrior. Jim often posts the daily workout and that's where I get pictures of us (maybe we'll get some action shots - I'll bring my camera and we'll see what happens).

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