17 June 2009

Dust Storm

Big dust storm has come through. Annoying to breath, coats the glasses, and totally negates the effects of a shower (well, at least as much as it gets into your hair and turns it into a mud bath).
I hope it clears up soon. I have a 5K on Friday morning.

Edit: Wow, that was some nasty dust. Lee (the pediatrician) took some great pictures outside the hospital and let me have a few.

It was blowing hard around 10p. Around 10:30p we lost power in our pods. No A/C for hours. Got up in the middle of the night to brave the dusty air on a visit to the bathroom cadillacs. Soon after getting back into bed "Incoming, Incoming" heard over the loudspeakers. Didn't get the "All Clear" announcement for another 20 minutes. Power finally returned later in the morning (about time to get up for the day). Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep this night. This is NOT "Camp Cupcake". A busy day at work kept my energy level up. It's okay to have adversity and hardship. We all need that to remind ourselves why we are really here. And it will just improve our appreciation of things we take for granted back home.

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